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There are many areas that require proper maintenance to keep your home protected from water damage, energy loss, insect infestation and other issues related to failed caulking. One of the most important, but most overlooked areas, is the maintenance of caulking. Doing your own re-caulking or hiring a jack-of-all-trades company typically results in more problems, due to inferior products and poor application.  Hardware stores do not carry the best caulking products, and the proper application of caulking takes years of experience.

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We inspect every area of your home thoroughly,  with nothing overlooked. Areas of particular focus are:

 -Window and door joints

 -Flashing joints

 -Stucco joints

 -Brick, stone and mortar joints

 -Concrete and foundation joints

 -Roof joints

 -Aluminum joints

 -Siding joints

 -Pipes, vents, electrical outlets

 -Wall penetrations


Did you know?

Most sealants used by siding contractors fail within

the first 10 years! When this sealant fails, your kingdom is now completely vunerable to damage from water and insects, as well as air leaks resulting in higher energy bills.




BEFORE - old sealant around windows lets damage causing moisture in

AFTER - professional caulking creates a seal that protects your home